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Whether Dyrehaven is engaged to divest portfolio companies, corporate subsidiaries, divisions, product lines and/or technology; or, sell tightly controlled family-owned businesses, our unwavering tactical approach to the sale process is always focused toward creating maximum value for our client and selling stakeholders.

Once engaged, Dyrehaven employs a flexible but extremely disciplined and comprehensive approach to the sale or divestiture transaction process. We first perform an in-depth client assessment including a thorough analysis of the entity to be sold, its industry position, competitive dynamics, company strategy, distinctive competencies, etc. Critical to the sale process is the preparation and proper positioning of our client to elicit peak interest.

Next, after obtaining client input, we assemble an extensive list of high quality buyer groups. This list is a product of Dyrehaven’s industry knowledge, domestic & international relationships, extensive research capabilities and proprietary data bases. From this list, we then selectively identify and approach those strategic buyers that are most likely to be interested in our client’s business.

Dyrehaven then prepares an in-depth offering memorandum that fairly and accurately explains the business opportunity to potential buyers. While the memorandum is prepared as a balanced, honest and informative presentation, we appropriately attempt to highlight client strengths while putting any perceived weaknesses in the proper perspective. With each potential buyer, we identify synergies, cost savings and strategic opportunities that best fit our client and, which provide compelling reasons for the sale transaction to occur.

Dyrehaven & Associates manages all communications with potential buyers (including site visits) from inception, and often becomes an integral part of the deal structuring and negotiating process. And, as a matter of course, we work in tandem with our client’s attorneys, accountants and other professional advisors to insure a smooth closing with due speed.

All engagements are conducted with the utmost in sensitivity to the confidential, proprietary and unique requirements of the business and principals involved. We go to great lengths to insure that the sale transaction is shielded from leaks and disclosures to avoid business disruption, anxiety by key management or employees and to maintain positive relationships with customers as well as suppliers.

For a detailed step-by-step review of our proprietary sale process, please request a copy of our brochure.

Dyrehaven unwavering tactical approach is always focused toward creating maximum value for our client and selling stakeholders.
(pronounced: "DEER HAAAVEN") offers small and mid-size companies the senior-level expertise, sophistication, committed personal attention and lower cost alternative that larger investment banks typically cannot provide.